Even as in-person events are starting to make a comeback, virtual events will be the showrunners of 2021. From interactive conventions to live-streamed presentations and real-time analytics, the future of virtual is looking bright. 

With a rising demand for virtual events, we’ve seen huge advancements in the technology and capabilities across tools in the industry. We’ve surpassed the days of monotonous design and are entering a new era of customization and brand-forward content. Whether your business is looking to host a day-long seminar or a week-long convention, these virtual event platforms will create an all-inclusive, immersive experience.

Here are some of our favorite customizable virtual event platforms for 2021.

1. Accelevents

Offering all-inclusive event bundles as well as individual aspects of the event, Accelevents has you covered. From designing accessible registration pages to complete online conferences and tradeshows, planning your next virtual event just became easier. Requesting 20% of ticket sales for paid events and $3 per guest for free ones, Accelevents is a budget-friendly option.

2. Big Marker

As a monthly subscription company, Big Marker is great for businesses that host summits and presentations on a regular basis. They also coordinate sites such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp to help connect your company with attendees. 

3. Communique Conferencing

Looking to host a large-scale virtual event? Communique Conferencing specializes in sizable, 3D networking and conference occasions. While their events are solely online, they provide virtual environments establishing face-to-face opportunities for guests and hosts to meet, something that can oftentimes be difficult to recreate online. 

4. e-Attend Virtual Experience

For companies looking to transform their in-person events into virtual replicas, e-Attend Virtual Experience recreates everything from “a virtual lobby, auditorium, meeting rooms, hospitality suites, networking lounge, expo lobby, exhibit hall and exhibitor booths.” They also provide options for incorporating e-commerce displays as well as in-house technical support. 

5. EZY Virtual Events

Seeking a platform to boost attendee engagement? EZY Virtual Events constructs events around branded interactions. Companies are able to customize virtual rooms and presentation spaces to help build relationships. They even offer ‘BYO cafes’ where guests can chat about their day. Don’t worry about IT, the EZY help desk is always open. 

6. IACC MultiPOD Meetings

Companies who commonly host events at IACC certified venues are in luck. IACC MultiPOD Meetings help prepare their venues for top-of-the-line hybrid events. They also enable the collaboration between venues and teams catalyzing diverse experiences. 

7. Rocket Chat Virtual Conference Platform

A popular communication platform, Rocket Chat is joining the sphere of virtual events. Commended for their work by establishments such as the Association of Computational Linguistics and Cornell University, Rocket Chat is wonderful at emulating the atmosphere of individual places within a virtual setting.

8. 6Connex

Known for their virtual reality trade shows, 6Connex equips companies with the technology to feature products and services. The life-like displays are reminiscent of live events, but guests won’t miss walking around show floors as they explore the custom, virtual booths.