With more and more businesses getting back to work, it’s time for professionals to reconnect and collaborate with their peers and colleagues. And after following a tumultuous year full of unprecedented change, many corporations have restructured and evolved in a number of ways. 

After months of remote meetings and missed office experiences, it’s more important than ever for employees and managers to get back to business, together. 

Here’s how City Graphics Solutions can help you host a safe, in-person corporate retreat in 2021.

How to Host a Safe, In-Person Corporate Retreat

  1. Hire Skilled Union Labor with City Graphics Solutions
  2. Find the Right Specialists for Outdoor Installations
  3. Keep Safety and Staff Well-Being at the Forefront

Hire Skilled Union Labor with City Graphics Solutions

At City Graphics Solutions, we are proud to offer expertise in a variety of industries through professional, qualified, and experienced union laborers. In compliance with your venues’ labor requirements, our team will hand-select a number of tradesmen to ensure each and every project is completed in a specialized and timely manner. 

Our seasoned professional staff can help you from site surveys, customer needs analysis, budget planning, pre-production to onsite execution. We are with you at every step of the way.

Skilled union labor offers the flexibility and expertise many companies need to bring their installation, project, or corporate retreat to life. Your company can rest easy knowing each project will be efficiently designed, built, and completed to the highest industry standards. Whether you plan to host a one-day retreat or a week-long experience, our temporary installations can cater to a wide range of needs, capabilities, and budgets.

Find the Right Specialists for Outdoor Installations

Depending on the desired functionality of your corporate retreat, you’ll want to focus on finding specialists who know how to install and maintain the equipment on hand. From video projectors to audio speakers, stages, and more, technically-trained union labor gives you the confidence you need to host a seamless in-person event. 

Our team is prepared to offer on-site assistance for all kinds of activations, both inside and outdoors. From technical and equipment support to designing, supplying, and installing the proper materials and structures, CGS helps your company safely take advantage of outdoor environments. Due to varying climates and weather conditions, it’s important to hire a specialist to ensure the safety of the materials and structures used during an event. 

For temporary installations, our team also offers a number of rental options and hardware systems. Our highly qualified tradesmen allow for swift transformations, including quick and reliable builds and takedowns for companies that cycle through events on a frequent basis. 

Keep Safety and Staff Well-Being at the Forefront

Regardless of where or how you choose to host your corporate retreat, guest safety will continue to be a priority. 

From installing hand sanitizer dispensers to temperature screening stations, antimicrobial films & tablecloths, social distancing decals, and more, your attendees can feel comfortable enjoying an in-person event with their friends and peers. 

If you plan to host guests across multiple locations—from speaker series to workshops, breakout sessions, and more—consider installing wayfinding signs to help guide attendees from one presentation to the next. 

Interested in learning more about our corporate retreat capabilities? We’d love to work together. Contact us today.