Getting ready to launch a new product or service? There’s no better way to engage your customers than through an experiential activation.

From growing brands to Fortune 500 companies, experiential marketing has consistently generated buzz for businesses of all sizes. Credited largely as a form of storytelling, this format allows brands to meet their customers in a more intimate environment. Especially for new products, experiential activations give brands the power to set the stage. How should customers feel about your brand? Is it a luxury product? Do you want your brand to feel elegant, or playful? Sophisticated or quirky?

Every element of a carefully-planned experiential activation has the potential to make an impact on your customer—so consider it carefully.

Here’s how to successfully leverage the power of experiential activations for your next product launch.

Build an Immersive Environment

Crafting a truly immersive environment is the key to a show-stopping activation. From completely custom structures to popup shops and smaller-scale booths, try to surround your customers with a 360-degree experience. These installations should be heavily branded to help bring your business to life. Experiential activations are the physical manifestation of a brand, so make sure to be bold—and don’t hold back!

Our team is able to produce high-quality installations to engage your most valuable customers. From temporary pop-up booths to more permanent fixtures, we help put your product at center-stage.

Keep Your Product at the Forefront

From strategically-placed display cases to “try-on” booths and other tangible ways customers can interact with your brand, you’ll want to focus on keeping your product at the forefront. If you are able to have samples of your new product on-site, even better. If your product is already available for sale, make sure to stock enough inventory for your event. If customers are motivated to purchase while they are there, make sure they can do so.

Stand Out From the Crowd

These days, there’s a lot of brands all competing for the same audience’s attention. So when it comes time to design and build your installation, make sure to focus on creating something unique. Truly memorable experiential activations feature elements that are outside-the-box and produced with the customer in mind. But no matter how novel or out-of-this-world your concept may be, we’re the team that will help bring it to life.

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