Whether you are organizing a virtual, in-person, or hybrid event, there are a number of technologies available to make sure it goes smoothly. From wifi boosters to webcams and thermo scanning, here are our tips for how to safely and successfully host your next event.

Tech 1: Wifi

When it comes to selecting the right wifi for your event, first consider why it’s needed. If your company will be live-streaming videos, a strong and stable connection is preferable. If the wifi will be used by guests, ensuring that you have multiple wifi extenders throughout the event space is ideal. For individuals who may be checking emails, browsing social media, or referencing important documents during the course of the event, a strong—and stable—internet connection will be crucial.

Tech 2: Live Streaming Webcams

As virtual events continue to gain popularity, finding high quality webcams for live streaming has become much less challenging. You’ll want to ask the venue or location manager if they provide this equipment on site, or if you’ll need to rent your own. If you choose the latter, you’ll be able to select from a variety of lenses, view sizes, and monitor attachments. If you still need a little more guidance, this recent article from Omnicore highlights the best webcams of 2020.

Tech 3: Thermal Scanning

For events held in person, thermal scanners can help ensure the safety of those attending as well as individuals who may be on staff throughout the event premises. This technology allows event hosts to safely take guests’ temperatures as they enter and minimize any potential exposure or risk for guests. And with many recent advances in thermal scanning technology, there are a wide array of options to choose from. City Graphics Solutions offers a number of solutions when it comes to thermal scanning equipment, as well as disinfecting services.

Tech 4: Microphones

While microphones might be an obvious choice when it comes to hosting an event, it’s important to select the right equipment for your event. Will members of the audience be able to ask questions to those on stage or giving presentations? If that’s the case, cordless microphones will likely be the best option. If speakers will be navigating a stage or platform, maybe a headset is preferred. It will also be important to consider the quality of the audio feed if the presentation is going to be live streamed. You’ll likely want a direct tie-in to the broadcast, rather than relying on sound coming from the sound system itself.

Tech 5: Monitors and Screens

In many cases, presenters are one of the main reasons guests choose to attend events. You’ll want to ensure that guests can easily see speakers, panelists, and other moderators clearly. Monitors and screens can dramatically improve the view for those in the audience who may have an obstructed field of view. If the event is available for live streaming, the same screens can be used to broadcast the online viewing experience.

As the events industry continues to evolve, so will the technology. What are the biggest ways you’ve seen the events space change in 2020? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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