Wondering what the 2020 holiday shopping season will look like? Welcoming spaces with ample room to socially distance and an abundance of hand sanitizer will likely be the new trend. Even during a pandemic, shoppers are searching for the perfect gifts. Early surveys suggest that in some cases, a reduction in travel plans is already leading to an increase in gifts purchased at home. Needless to say, Black Friday shopping is here to stay.

Here are our tips for hosting a successful, in-person Black Friday brand experience.

Take it Outside

Depending on your store location, moving the shopping outdoors can provide a fun and safe shopping experience. Now, we know that looks a bit different for sunny Southern California than the heart of downtown New York City. If the weather allows, it’s a great alternative to more traditional in-person shopping.
Tents, portable heaters, and complimentary hand warmers offer customers a comfortable space to browse items. Eye-catching tents, banners, and popups make a space more inviting and also create an opportunity for businesses to expand their branding.

Adjust Your Hours

Crowd control is one of the main concerns for stores this holiday season. To mitigate large groups of people, extend your sale beyond Black Friday. Consider highlighting a new product at a discounted price each week. Make sure to let your customers know about the sales to come so that they can plan their next visit around the particular product they wish to purchase. Another option is to give out coupons, allowing customers to choose when to use their Black Friday discount.

Focus On Guest Safety

When organizing any in-person event, your top priority should be to make sure guests feel safe and comfortable. Our team can install thermoscanners at the venue entrances, as well as hand sanitizer kiosks throughout the space. These added measures will encourage safe shopping and help protect your customers. Incorporating floor decals around the store also helps customers stay socially distanced without taking up vital product space.

Offer Exclusive Discounts, Products, or Experiences for In-Person Guests

Since customers are taking the time to visit your shop in-person rather than online, thanking them with a small gift helps nurture your relationship. An extra 10% off their purchase or discounts for future shopping goes a long way. Free samples of your most popular products, or live music and individually wrapped goodies also show your gratitude towards your shoppers. And nothing is better than a happy shopper.