Regardless of whether it’s in-person or virtual, hiring the right team for your event is crucial. Whatever the platform may be, today’s attendees are looking for both immersive and engaging activations. And due to the increasing demand in outside-the-box, unique experience, audio visual technicians and livestreaming specialists are key to hosting impactful events in 2021.

In the year ahead, industry professionals are anticipating a blend of both in-person and virtual mediums. Now more than ever, exhibitors and event promoters need to work hard in order to stand out. 

To ensure your company receives specialized, reliable labor, our qualified onsite teams are composed of certified union workers. We are dedicated to providing skilled labor with the right capabilities to help ensure your next event is a success.

Here’s our short guide to understanding the differences between various event specialists, and how City Graphics Solutions can be a resource for your next venue.

The Difference Between an Audio Visual Technician and a Livestreaming Specialist

Before hiring a technical specialist, the first step is understanding the type of expert needed to host a well-run event. The event platform—whether it be virtual, hybrid, or in-person—will dictate whether an audio visual technician or a livestreaming specialist should be present. 

While audio visual technicians primarily work on the set-up and operation aspect of an event, they are typically the best fit for in-person programs. These individuals are onsite to operate and repair mics, recorders, sound mixing equipment, lighting, and more. 

Livestreaming specialists, on the other hand, work primarily with virtual or hybrid events. This can include a variety of capabilities, from VR experiences to breakout rooms and streamed presentations. This skillset usually differs from audio visual technicians in that it includes more connectivity to streaming platforms and external sources (ie. YouTube Live). 

What to Look for When Hiring an Audio Visual Technician

Not all audio visual technicians are created equal. And when it comes to your next event, it needs to be seamless. During the hiring process, it’s helpful to partner with a company that works with you from start to finish, and from set-up to tear-down. It’s also important that the team can collaborate with the venue and ensure that no glitches take place. 

We take pride in our ability to offer qualified and effective union labor who execute each task with precision and care. We work closely with both the client and venue to ensure everything runs smoothly at every step of the way. From setting up and operating the technical equipment during your event to maintaining the equipment over a multi-day experience, our team is equipped to exceed your expectations.  

What to Look for When Hiring a Livestreaming Specialist

When planning for either virtual or hybrid events, livestreaming specialists are often a valuable behind-the-scenes expert. There’s nothing worse than having hundreds—even thousands—of remote attendees who are unable to access or fully engage with a virtual experience. Spotty coverage or lagging audio can immediately disengage viewers and minimize the impact of your event. 

You’ll want a livestreaming specialist who understands that there is more to a virtual event than single-view presentations. Planning a successful virtual event is a 5 step process in which the focal point must remain the audience. It’s crucial that guests learn from and enjoy the experience. 

From testing (and retesting) the technology to working creatively alongside clients to create unique and thoughtful experiences, our team of professional and trade-trained specialists are eager to help you build a memorable and effective online event.     

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